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Whether you are looking for a multi-million dollar estate or the bargain of a lifetime, our Team  is who you need on the job! As a result of an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a team of Realtors servicing Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach & the Daytona Beach Area, Port Orange, Ponce Inlet, Palm Coast, East Flagler and East Volusia counties and surrounding Volusia County areas, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding our real estate services.

David DeAngelis

To Whom It May Concern:It is my pleasure to recommend David DeAngelis for his outstanding skill and experience as a realtor. David has sold a house for me and has helped me purchase a home on two occasions. I am amazed at his ability to "close the deal".  He has an almost uncanny ability to determine the appropriate listing price.  If a house is listed too high it won't sell. If it is listed too low the seller loses money. He always thoroughly researches the market to make sure that that the price is just right.  Some realtors are simply concerned with making a sale. This is not the case with David. From my personal experience, there were several times when I was ready to purchase a home. When the houses were not in my best interest, David cautioned me against making the purchase. He could have simply signed the papers and taken his commission, but her was more concerned with my welfare.  I Value his expert advice.I work full time and David has always been very accommodating to my work schedule. Not only does he list the house, but he has a large network of realtor colleagues that he personally reaches out to in order to bring in potential buyers. His resources in the housing field are almost unlimited. He know experts in every field including movers, painters and handymen.  His famous line is "I've got a guy for that"It is without reservation that I recommend David DeAngelis as a realtor.  He found me my forever home, but if I were ever in the position where I needed a realtor, David would be the first person I called.Sincerely,Heather Ryan

The Finns Halifax Plantation

Looking for a reliable, honest and professional real estate agent?

 David DeAngelis aka Super Dave, is your go to!

 When our Mom passed away and we needed to sell her house, my sister and I who live in in Tennessee and California we were looking for a Real Estate agent but had no clue on who to contact. We asked a friend of our Mom’s who lived in the Collinwood section of Halifax Plantation and she recommended Dave who she called Super Dave!

The name fits! He helped us with so many things, from helping to sell her car, donating her furniture and other items in the house. He also checked in on the house almost daily to make sure everything was ok. One day he found the toilet leaking and repaired it! He had the garage cleaned and fixed any other nicks, stains and blemishes. All this came out of his pocket! We were both away working so we were never able to come back to Florida to take care of all that needs to sell a house. Dave showed us pictures and contacted us directly to ask for approval before making any repairs or removing any items.

He also sold the house within 3 days of it being on the market! 

You just don’t find service like this anywhere anymore!

So if you are looking for a truly professional and trustworthy real estate agent you MUST contact Super Dave DeAngelis!

 Larry Finn

 The Finn Family

Halifax Plantation

They call him Super Dave for a reason!  We decided to sell our house on Rexford Circle in Halifax Plantation to move closer to our daughter.  Dave was right there to meet with us with expert advice.  He shared trends in the neighborhood as well as suggestions to bring us a sale.  He arranged for professional photographs to be taken.  Once the listing hit social media our house had a signed contract in 5 days!  We did not even get a chance to put a sign up...Super Dave!  Within the week he brought us to see several homes near our daughter.   We quickly found our new home and had a signed contract.  As things moved along Dave was always there with great advice to keep us moving forward.   It was a whirlwind as everything happened so fast...but all good!  We are so pleased with not only the sale of our home in Halifax Plantation, but our new home as well.  We are sitting here admiring the view... 

Thanks Super Dave for making this happen.
Clark & Debbie Drumm

Ron Bellengi - 1430 Dolph Circle

Ron Bellengi -

After researching data of homes sold in Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach areas, it was undeniable that David DeAngelis was the go to person. After interviewing him and letting him know our needs and expectations, we knew we had selected the best person to sell our home at Halifax Plantation in Ormond Beach.

Before signing the contract papers to have David sell our home, he brought us a packet of materials showing comparable homes in the area and listings and selling prices based upon square feet and other statistics. One of David's best traits is that he listens to the customer and gives honest feedback about their needs and expectations. It seems that David has all the time in the world to make people happy.

Before putting the for sale sign up on our home, he had a professional photographer capture the most advantageous photos of the interior and exterior of our home and was always open to any questions or suggestions.

During visits to our home with prospective buyers, David was observed as sincere and honest, professional, likeable and having all the information ready that a buyer might ask or need.

It also should be noted that we are snowbirds and David took full responsibility of taking care of whatever needed to be done to keep our home clean and neat so prospective buyers could view it in the best possible manner. He vacuumed between showings and made any arrangements for any other needs to be taken care of professionally.

This is an honest and accurate testimonial about David DeAngelis and we would be happy to hear from anyone considering to choose David for their realtor.

Lastly, David sold our home in Halifax Plantation at an attractive price and within the time frame he projected.

Ron B
Cape Cod, MA

Halifax Plantation

Thanks Dave and Team!

Dave did an outstanding job of finding us a house that fit our needs to a T.
Buying a house from overseas is always a challenge. We got a great price and all
the support for financing and closing. Dave has been very helpful post purchase
with recommendations for services we need. Thanks to Dave . (from
J.Phillips)Halifax Plantation

Pete Hartman 1319 Elli Circle Halifax Plantation

Peter Hartman -

Dave and his staff were great to work with. They were active in pursuing leads and following up with potential buyers. There is much local experience with all the agents and that does make a difference in completing a sale. We were very satisfied with the experience of selling our home and the purchase of our new home.


We worked with Eileen over a number of years.  We were delighted when she helped us find our Florida home in Halifax Plantation, and when we decided to relocate, we picked Eileen to handle the sale of our home. Thank God, she sold it quickly and at a great price.
Simply put, we think Eileen is the best realtor ever!
Larry and Christine Bates 

Gretchen Simpson - Middlemore Landing

True to form, like many 'boomers', when retirement neared we began to search for a second home in Florida. After discovering a perfect (for us) community at Halifax Plantation in Ormond Beach, we did our due diligence and narrowed our search to the grouping of villas at Middlemore Landings. When Gretchen Simpson began to help us with our search, the possibilities turned into probabilities and within a week we had a signed contract to purchase.

Not only does Gretchen have a grasp of the inventory of homes on the market today and their individual attributes, she also has the ability to negotiate and close the deal. Without her guidance we would still be 'looking around'. Through her efforts we came to terms quickly and decisively with a deal that both the seller and I were completely satisfied with.

I highly recommend the expertise and savy of our realtor, Gretchen Simpson, to anyone serious about buying a home.  Steve and Julie Fritter

Judie Kolendo - Halifax Plantation

Our house had been for sale for nine disappointing months when we interviewed JUDIE KOLENDO.   Judie entered our door with a smile and a positive, honest attitude.  She asked why we loved our house and we told her --the most important attribute of the house was its location.  She said its location was the major difference between our house and the many other lovely houses on the market.  Location was to be her theme in marketing the house.  WITHIN 3 MONTHS we has a good buyer, sale and closing.  The buyer wanted "Location".   We found Judie to be creative, smart, and professional.  We would recommentd her to anyone buying or selling a piece of real estate.  LATRISIA HEARD   

Eileen Williams, insightful and professional

Eileen was key to our successful home selection, purchase transaction and move to Ormond Beach. She was insightful, thorough and thoroughly professional, with valuable insights into this market as we explored every option. When things got tricky, she was on top of everything and got word to us in Virginia in real time, coordinating seller issues and our responses in short order. We would have been disorganized, nervous wrecks without her. With all the options and complications at hand, we might not have been able to focus on the right decision – or conclude the final transaction -- without her invaluable help. We recommend her highly.

Drew and Carol Steketee

Judie Kolendo & Dave DeAngelis- Halifax Plantation

Our decision to list our home with Preferred Realty Team proved to be an excellent move.  With the help of the team  we sold our house, in 3 weeks of listing with you.  You and David really pushed hard to sell our home and with your great networking you  brought in many qualified buyers to preview our house, and now our sale is pending and we are in the process of making the move we have wanted for a long time.  You have our recomendation to anyone looking to sell their home. Thank you,  Tom and Barbara Troisi 

Very professional and nice to work with.........

Dear, Dear Eileen,

We enjoyed soooo much having you sell our home for us.  Your sharing feedback was very considerate because it allowed us to understand what was going on with prospective buyers.

In the end, the title company/closing agent had everything done so we could close right on time. 

You are very professional and nice to work thank you very much!

Fondly, Sharon and Don Friedman

Judie Kolendo - Palm Coast

Our realtor is Judie Kolendo, she has been so wonderful to work with.
Thanks, Pat Rekart

Hollie H

David DeAngelis and The Preferred Realty Team were very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional in handling the sale of my townhouse. I would recommend them to anyone! One of the best in town...

So happy with our agent, Eileen Williams

Eileen, we want you to know that we are very pleased with the way you are handling out listing.   Your professionalism, attention to detail, follow-up and carry through make us very comfortable that we have chosen the right agent for us.
Thank you again,
Kathy and Richie Quarta 

Gretchen Simpson

Gretchen - Halifax Plantation We can't thank you enough for all the years you patiently drove us through the Halifax neighborhoods! When we finally retired and were ready, you found us the perfect house. We love our new home! Barb and Russ Lentner -

Eileen Williams -Halifax Plantation

We would recommend Eileen Williams a thousand times over. Eileen has a thorough knowledge regarding the local housing market. At all times she had our interests at the forefront and was always available if we had any questions about homes we had viewed or in which we expressed interest. We explained to Eileen what we were looking for and she listened to our requirements, thereby eliminating a lot of unnecessary viewings and time wasting. When it came time to exchanging contracts Eileen made sure that all due diligence had been performed. In summing up Eileen is a true professional and a extremely charming lady whom we feel very fortunate to have had as our realtor
Vivienne and Michael McGuire

Dave DeAngelis - Ormond Beach

Hi Dave

Sorry that I have not been able to write you a thank you words sooner.  Its been a busy journey and constantly none stop for me and my husband especially having the little one.  Anyway both of us would like to take this opportunities to thank you orf helping us to get our new home.  With everything, we are really thankful, grateful and bless.  There are no words to describe how happy we are.  For years I have been living in the apt and the house you had found for us was a dream come true.  We could not ask for more.  With the baby in our life it had made it very comfortable for us with the space, the garage, the storage, the location near future school for him when he grows up.  It was funny to think when we first moved in that I had a problems of putting things in the cabinet because I have more space to tried to spread them out, comparing to life in a tight space of apt.  Our holidays was the first holidays of joy that I could have our families and close frieds here together for the first time big gathering.  The house is great and we would have not have this without your great help and hard work.  If you ever in the area please feel free to swing by to visit us.  Attached is our late picture. Thank you so much.    Angela, Wally and the BABY   


Eileen Williams - Halifax Plantation

We had no intention of buying a home in Halifax Plantation. It was our last week of vacation in Flagler Beach so we decided to try the Halifax Plantation clubhouse for lunch and, after a great meal, went over to the real estate office just to get an idea of the listings and prices. There we met Eileen Williams who offered to take us around and show us listings. We had a great time looking at the listings with Eileen. She was so prepared and experienced she knew just what to show us. We did find a home that day, made an offer and it was accepted. We went home at the end of the week and Eileen handled everything! She made the buying process so easy, keeping us well informed even long distance to North Carolina. Eileen is a great Realtor and, best of all, we now consider her to be a good friend!
David and Carol Seyse.

Dave DeAngelis - Port Orange

Hi David,

This is the time of year to be grateful and give thanks for all our blessings and I especially am thankful for the outstanding job you did in finding "my favorite place in the woods." Your expertise, patience and kindness were instrumental in bringing the project to fruition.   As I count my daily blessings I count you among them. I strongly recommend your professional services of your to family, (i.e. my daughter), friends and anyone needing a trustworthy Realtor to help find their "Dream" home or property.  Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Karen L. Billman

Eileen exceeded our expectations and then some!

When we listed our house we narrowed it down to two potential realtors.  We interviewed each for about an hour and a half.  We chose Eileen because she seemed the most sincere and professional, and also had the greatest network to explore for potential buyers.  She exceeded our expectations and then some!  She was timely on every request and concern and we sold our house in a short period and got almost everything we asked for in the way of price.  No doubt we will use her again if we return to the Ormond Beach area.

Jeremy B. Small

Judie Kolendo - Sugarmill

Dear Judie,

We wanted to write you on behalf of Judie Kolendo. She recently helped us purchase our Florida home. We've kept a pulse on the real estate market over the last 10 years. During this time, Judie consistently kept in touch with us through phone calls and e-mails informing us of homes that she thought that may be of interest. We seriously began our search in 2006 and once again Judie was there providing us current real estate information. Although we have spoke with many real estate agents over the years and many tried to get us to be their client, we always knew without a doubt that Judie would be our agent of choice. This past November we decided to purchase a home. Judie was always there gently guiding us along the process and we fnally purchased our long awaited Florida home. Her professionalism provided a smooth and effortless experience. We would highly recommend Judie and use her on any future purchases. With much thanks and gratitude, John & Bunny Davis

Eileen Williams - Halifax Plantation

I met Eileen Williams after being stood up by a different realtor in another office, and it was a very fortunate thing for me. She dropped the work she was doing to show me the house I had driven 280 miles to see. She was so professional, and also was informative and knowledgeable about the area, which helped a great deal.
She helped with the inspection by being at the house, so I did not have to drive almost 600 miles, round trip. I didn't need to worry about details, she was always willing to handle whatever came up.
When I sell this house, I definitely will use her services. She was available when I called or got right back if I left a message. The move was smooth, and a great deal of that was because of Ms Williams. I was privileged to have a realtor who genuinely cared.

Nell Herrick
Ormond Beach

The best realtor knows Halifax Plantation

We have had the good fortune to use Anna Charla as our realtor over the past
several years.  She has always been conscientious, a good listener and able to
solve any problems that may arise.  We consider Anna to be a top notch realtor
and a friend.

Bill & Diane Shea 

Thank you Eileen

Eileen Williams recently sold my estate home in Halifax Plantation in less than one month. Eileen was the third realtor that my wife and I interviewed to sell our custom home. We designed and had this home built over ten years ago and it was our passion inside and out. Eileen obviously recognized our love for this home and made us feel as though it was the only home she had listed. Her professionalism, honesty and seemingly undivided attention to our property impressed us from the start. Her marketing plan was superior as evidenced by the quick sale of our home. I would use and highly recommend Eileen for future real estate transactions. Ron Woody

Appreciate the advice and support

Eileen, I am very lucky and blessed to have had you for my realtor to help me find a place and grab it, and also for all of the advice and support you’ve given me all this time. 
Patty Dorsey

I'd call Eileen

Eileen helped make a very difficult time much easier for me by her caring for my particular needs as a non-ormond resident selling my home in Halifax Plantation. She kept me in the loop on all events concerning the sale via e-mail or telephone. 
If I ever need to buy or sell again in Volusia County, my first call would be to Eileen Williams.
Barbara Maries, Tallahassee

Eileen was with us every step of the way!


Thanks for all you did for us, Eileen . You were with us every step of the way. You always returned my calls. Thanks for covering for us when we were out of town. You are the Best Real Estate agent we have ever had. May God Bless your life & business. Our home was listed & sold in 3 months. We could not be happier. We will miss FL and all of our dear friends. Take care of yourself. 
Arlene Small

Delana Sanders -

David DeAngelis is an outstanding Real Estate Professional!

Gretchen Simpson

 Dear Gretchen,
> Thank you for all of your help and expertise on selling the house in
> Daytona.  The clearing out and selling of Dad’s home from the
> opposite side of the country was a difficult and an emotionally
> trying time for our family.  You made it easier in so many ways.
> Your contacts with local professionals and good information on how to
> efficiently and effectively complete the legal transitions was
> incredibly valuable.  We placed our trust in your expertise and you
> exceeded our expectations. 
> Sincerely,
> Elsa, Don, and David
> Garrett

Thank you

A Remax Preferred Realty Team was instrumental is selling our custom home in Halifiax Plantation. knowledge of real estate in Halifax Plantation is impressive. analysis of the current market instilled confidence and was reassuring as to the value of our property. As a result of Anna's expertise, our home sold faster than we anticipated, which potentially could have left us without a place to live. Although my wife and I had less that a month's interaction with Anna, she instinctively knew what we were looking for; she found us a place to live within a few days. Without reservation, I would recommend  for future real estate transactions.

Halifax Plantation

         We want to thank Gretchen Simpson for the professional way she handled the sale of our home in Halifax Plantation. She is patient and trustworthy and we appreciate her so much.
        Thank you again for helping us purchase our home in 2008, and selling it in 2017.
                                                                                              All The Very Best,
                                                                                                 Sharon and Radford Compton                                                                                                                                

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